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Deer Cave Gumushane Turkey (Karaca Mağarası)


History of Gümüşhane, a transition region between Eastern Anatolian and Black Sea Region, reaches till to the 1500s B. C. It was founded on the historical trade road between Trabzon and Iran. It is a natural break point within fruit gardens and wild roses, between Trabzon and Erzurum. It is one of the richest cities of Turkey in connection with plateaus.

Geographic location and transportation: 

"Deer cave", Torul district of 15 km northwest of Gümüşhane district located immediately southwest of the ROE. Gumushane Torul Highway 12.

The first quarter of the 4 kilometers later karaca allocated stabilized ways have deresine. A 20 minute walk to the cave is reached from here.


 The total length of 256 metres, is the deepest point depending on the entry-15.5 meters less inclined to input a completely horizontal outside the cave, the Deer had been halted. Roe deer cave occurring interconnected 5 saloon. Halls is not "drip stone columns between the walls of the native Rock". Roe deer, it is possible to come across any kind of "drip stone" formation. Stalactite, stalagmite, with the flag and the curtain "damlataşları" column "drip stone" pools has large dimensions.

Cave in terms of experience and in-"drop stone" is extremely rich in shapes. These offer a view fascinating figures. These shapes very brightly colored and developments going on. The cave, the cave is also a figure out other, calcite crystals and ekzantriklerdir gülleri group.

If the clips returned in the drip stone Cave stalagmites at the edges or even pools gülleri composed on. pools Roe deer cave dry. However, the ceiling and walls cave base created large ponds leaky waters. Especially the cave was last segments Lakes depth 1 meters.

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